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The Devil’s Violin

Out Now!


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From the terrible price of a Faustian Deal revealed in a lost diary to a hidden evil at the depths of the ocean. From a star-spanning war in the depths of space to an over-protective god. From an angel of vengeance determined to rid a city of corruption to arcane rituals to preserve a dying woman’s life. The Devil’s Violin presents a collection of twelve short stories of varying length from the horror, supernatural, fantasy, and science fiction genres.

1. Fallen Justice
2. Immortal Words
3. Darkness at the Depths
4. Nature of the Beast
5. The Court of Crows
6. The Devil’s Violin
7. Child of Fate
8. The Human Salamander
9. Divine Right
10. Memories of the Bogeyman
11. Death Echoes
12. A Cleansing Fire

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