Scrivener vs Word

I’m currently looking at the pros and cons of using Word or something more dedicated like Scrivener ( I’ve used Scrivener in the past but tend to drift back to Word due to familiarity. Any writers out there with any comments?

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2 thoughts on “Scrivener vs Word”

  1. Last year I started using Scrivener after an author who swore by it visited our writers group. I do like its layout, with chapters listed on one side, keywords and other headings on the other. And the ability to list characters etc. It makes me feel like I’m writing a book rather than just another story.
    I only use the basic features of Scrivener but I like it. When a book is finished I export it to Word and do the final edit there.

    1. I like the way it splits the narrative into scenes so they’re more easily accessed than Word. I’m still floundering with how it versions the text. With Word, just save it as a draft then make rewrites. I’m sure Scrivener will do something with versions but I haven’t figured it out yet!

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