Legacy of the Father

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The ancient gods have all but faded away. Only a handful remain, scouring the world for scraps of power to sustain themselves. When Apollo infiltrates an archaeological dig, he falls in love with a human and conceives a child but tragedy strikes when he is attacked by rival forces.

Years later, Ryan, unaware of his heritage, is a normal sixteen-year-old boy but as he finishes school, he is hounded by sinister individuals determined to abduct him for their unknown master. His life is thrown into chaos as the truth of his family is finally revealed and the mythological world explodes around him. Greek and Norse gods collide in a desperate battle for survival, and all them are out to use Ryan for their own ends.

Ryan must face up to his father’s legacy and protect himself and his mother from the forces threatening to overwhelm them. Together they journey to the heart of Norse and Greek myth, facing dangers they thought were mere fantasy, in a desperate attempt to find help and stop the triumph of a deadly foe.

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Legacy of the Father
Legacy of the Father

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Legacy of the Father

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